About us

Summit Book (a.k.a. Samit Book) has been a leading Ukrainian publishing house since early 1990s.

We publish modern fiction and non-fiction, textbooks, books for children and other genres. Many of them have been published in partnership with the EBRD, Embassies to Ukraine including US Embassy and Kingdom of Belgium’s Embassy, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, VISA, Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, ATB chain , “1 + 1” TV channel, “Kvartal 95” Studio, National professional boxing league of Ukraine etc.

We have published hundreds of unique titles (millions of copies) so far that were designed, printed and distributed to the top libraries and sold by book stores all over Ukraine.

We publish translated fiction by top authors of the world, both modern and ancient, including Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Markes and poets from France, Italy and other countries.

Our publications for higher education students, professionals and business people include Ukrainian versions of books for by prominent Western authors, primarily US economists. Among them is a book by Nobel Prize winner Vernon Smith "Reformation: Success for Europe and Chance for Ukraine", Silicon Valley gurus' bestsellers ("Crack the Funder's Code" by Judy Robinett and "Accelerated Startup" by Vitaly Golomb), World Bank's "Building State Capability" by Andrews, Pritchett and Woolcock, books by President of Yale University Peter Salovey, Co-President of the Club of Rome Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker etc.

For secondary education, recently we have started publication of a unique series of textbooks and methodologies in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Sergei Vakarin wrote his textbooks "STEAM Education of the Future in Ukraine" and "Robotics and Artificial Intelligence" based on his visits to the USA (from Silicon Valley to Washington), advice from the lead education experts of the European Commission HQ in Brussels, visit to the Worlddidac education forum and CERN in Switzerland, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and his multitopic experience in Ukraine. UN mission to Ukraine requested our assistance in organizing schools in the East of Ukraine based on Sergei Vakarin's books and experience of the schools described in them.

Many books cover important links between the USA and Ukraine, including Legacy Ukraine encyclopedia (in English, about world-famous people of Ukrainian origin in IT, sports, arts etc, mainly Americans), To Hollywood from Ukraine (in Ukrainian, about Hollywood celebrities of Ukrainian origin), and translated books, e.g. When We Were Allies (about Soviet-American operations during World War II in Ukraine).

We have received more than 50 prestigious grants and awards, including a grant from International Renaissance Foundation to create local book distribution centers in Ukraine.

With most of our authors, Summit Book organizes presentations and other events, including at the London Bookfair, UNESCO events in Paris, Expo 2020 Dubai etc. In Ukraine, we conduct events at the Parliament of Ukraine, top universities (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Ukrainian-American Concordia University), on national TV channels etc. We arranged Judy Robinett's presentation at the Kyiv International Economic Forum and an event for Vitaly Golomb at one of the largest agricultural companies of Ukraine. We conducted presentations of French and Italian authors at the Union of Writers of Ukraine.

Our authors include world chess champion Garry Kasparov, Ivan Drach, Mikhaylo Zavyalov, Vitaliy Rogozha, Sergiy Trimbach, Marianna Goncharova, Michael Hutchison, Anna Sanden, Yulya Savostina, Volodymyr Khandogiy, Oleksandr Korotko, Lesya Mudrak, and more than 200 other authors.

Summit Book is the co-founder of series of all-Ukrainian and international literary contests and festivals (GRANOSLOV, Literary Competition n.a. G. Tyutyunnik, BOOK OF THE YEAR etc). The funds of all libraries of our country are replenished with our books.

The publishing house organizes poetic-musical events, creative meetings and other events aimed at popularization of books and reading in Ukraine.

In 2016, Summit Book became the winner of the Presidential Prize in Ukraine, category "for assistance in the upbringing of the younger generation”.

Our publishing house is the record-holder for the largest press run in Ukraine (700 000 copies) – “First Culinary Book” by Hector Jimenez-Bravo.